How to Create a More Customer-Friendly Office Space

You only get one chance to make a great first impression.

That saying is just as true when it comes to your business and the impression you leave with your customers. Specifically, your office space is one way you communicate strong messages to them, whether that’s a warm and inviting one or one that says you really don’t care about your customers all that much. When you pay a little extra attention to what kind of message you are communicating when someone walks through your doors, you could see a drastic difference in the relationships you have with those customers and even a nice boost in your business.

Tips for a Customer-Friendly Office

Position Someone to Greet Visitors in the First 7 Seconds

You only have seven seconds to make a good first impression. Wouldn’t you want a welcoming, smiling face to be part of those moments? The best thing you can do is position someone either at a front desk or within eyeshot of the door to ensure that each customer is greeted when they walk in the door. Now that’s a lasting impression you want to make.

Choose Your Colors Wisely

Colors will play an important role in communicating to your customers. While the colors people see in your office may differ slightly by your industry or overall company branding, there are certain colors that come off more friendly and welcoming than others.

color palatte
In this color wheel you can see how different colors give off different vibes and how that can affect the atmosphere and experience of your customers.

Want to give off the impression of trust and reliability, say for your bank or accounting office? Try to incorporate blues, purples, greens or oranges into your office furniture and walls.
Or do you want to relax people when they come in, like at a massage therapy business or salon, try adding yellow, green, teal or violet shades to your space.

Offer a Designated Customer Seating Area

reception seating

While not every office needs a customer-focused seating area, many could benefit from one (even a small one at that). One of the best business strategies your company can have is to constantly point the focus back on your customers instead of yourself. By having a designated area that’s set up just for your customers, you make them feel welcome and valued by your business.

Providing Comfortable Seating is Essential

designated customer seating area

That takes us to our next tip…
What kind of seating you provide can also make a big difference in your customer’s impression of your business. While some offices like doctors offices benefit from having separate chairs, others can make a bigger, bolder and more personable impression by offering more stylish and comfortable seating. The more comfortable you make your customers, the better the experience they’ll have with you, and the more likely they’ll want to continue doing business with you and refer you to others.

Offer More Than Just a Place to Sit

customer coffee area

Whether it’s the newest magazines, a view of a TV or complementary coffee and snacks, one of the best things you can do to leave a great, lasting impression is to provide something else of value to your customers.

Keep Your Visible Space Neat & Tidy

Clutter can quickly create chaos for both you and your guests. That’s why it important to keep your welcome areas and visible spaces organized (but “worked in”) as much as possible. If you’re like some of us, your desk can quickly get overwhelmed with papers, sticky notes, and empty coffee mugs, but there are a few tricks to overcoming the clutter.

Storage, Storage, Storage!

There are ways to easily hide the clutter in a stylish manner. Take these cabinets for instance; they provide ample storage for you to keep your documents and free standing items organized, but they also look sharp and actually add to the look of the space.

storage office cabinets

The Desk Illusion

There are strategically designed office pieces that make it easier to hide the everyday clutter such as this front elevated reception desk.

elevated reception desk


Integrate Greens Into Your Space

There’s something about green plants and flowers that liven up an indoor space. Lining the reception area or even your own personal office with bright plants (pst…they don’t even have to be real) can provide a welcoming touch for guests.