How Digital Copier Cloud Storage Improves Business ROI

copier cloud storage roi

Instead of being limited to replicating or scanning documents in one place, which you then have to distribute to others somehow, employees can access, edit and distribute documents through computers, tablets and smartphones with the help of cloud storage.

The best digital copiers and multifunctional printers now allow you to easily and securely utilize cloud storage for all the documents you work with on a daily basis. The newest applications and technology advances seamlessly integrate with all the top cloud-based storage systems and can easily be integrated with your company’s trusted software.

If you’re wondering if it’s time to utilize cloud storage capabilities through your copier (or upgrade to one that offers this), here are some ways it’ll help improve your business’ bottom line and increase overall ROI.

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Cut On-Site Storage Costs

Whether you store your documents on-site in actual filing cabinets or you utilize expensive hard drives or software, implementing cloud storage will benefit you instantly. Whether it’s eliminating the cost associated with expensive on-site storage solutions or simply cutting the time spent managing them, converting to cloud-based storage will instantly give you back your time and money.


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Improve Internal Tracking & Reduce Errors

No more missing documents or having to go back and manually update and print a document multiple times. With copier cloud storage, all versions of your documents are stored on the cloud allowing you to access them at any time to print earlier versions or update a document without having to waste paper in the process.



cut paper costs cloud storage

Cut Paper Use & Waste

Storing all your important, business documents on the cloud means you can drastically cut back on your paper usage. Paper and ink alone cost most businesses hundreds of dollar of year, not to mention the amount of money that’s wasted on the botched or duplicate copies that end up in the recycling bin. Instead, you can scan your documents to a secure location through the use of digital copier cloud storage, eliminating waste and reducing your paper consumption.


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Reduce Security Breaches to Sensitive Data

Copier and external hard drives can make you an easy target for hackers and thieves. That’s not something any business can afford, especially those in the government and healthcare fields.

All information stored on the cloud through your copier is automatically encrypted to secure even your most sensitive data. Your employee files, customer information and business documents are safely stored in a third-party location that only a few have access to.


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Improve Productivity & Reduce Downtime

Let’s face it. Copying, scanning, folding and stapling documents through your copier can often be a tedious, time-consuming task. Cloud storage is the cure to every business’ stifled productivity. No more spending time counting the scuffs on the wall as you wait for your copier to print and edit the documents you need for your coworkers or customers.
Document cloud storage allows you to seamlessly transfer and share documents between devices (phones, tablets and computers) and between people in only a matter of seconds. You’ll quickly see the benefit in your postage costs and gas bills, as well as, an increase in the amount that your employees can get done on a given day.


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