How to Convince Your Boss it’s Time to Revamp Your Office

convince boss revamp office
You don’t have to feel drained every day when you leave the office. Your workspace can help you and your customers relax, refocus and refuel, no matter what industry you work in. In order to convince your boss it’s time for a change, make sure you’re prepared to make your case first.

1. Arm Yourself With the Facts

First and foremost, chances are your boss makes many of his or her decisions based on facts, numbers and research. It’s just part of the job.
So, when you go to them bringing up the idea of revamping your workplace, it’s important to transport them from thinking that this is more than something you want but that there’s proven research behind a tailored workplace. Here are some key statistics you can use to help relay your message effectively.

Important Workplace Design Statistics:

  • Colors have a key influence on productivity, creativity and mood at work. Blue stimulates the mind, red affects the body, yellow inspires creativity and green creates a sense of calm and balance. Tailoring your colors to different teams or areas of the office is ideal!
  • 37% of job candidates will accept a job with a lower salary if a company offers an appealing facility, workplace culture and technology.
  • 30% of employees report feeling very engaged in their jobs who have easy access to flexible work arrangements. This means allowing them alternative spaces and times to work throughout the day.
  • Walking around for five minutes every hour boosts mood and reduces fatigue and food cravings. Whether it’s creating more space for employees to get up and move or offering them the option of standing desks, movement is crucial to longterm employee satisfaction and productivity.
  • Better workplace lighting has been linked to a 15% reduction in absenteeism. This includes both natural and artificial lighting.
  • Employees report performance improvements of up to 38% in environments with white noise or sound masking. The layout of the office, floor and ceiling materials, furniture and behavioral expectations all have a powerful effect on this.
  • Poor posture results in a number of negative effects on employees including headaches, breathing problems, neck and back pain, and even jaw pain. Low-quality chairs lead to fatigue and back problems and ultimately, decrease employee productivity.
  • Having plants throughout the office increases work satisfaction and engagement and boosts productivity by 15%.
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2. Time Your Approach Right

Like any request for a big change, you have to time it right. Approaching your boss about revamping the office during your busiest season is a great way to get a quick “no”. Unless you’re in an industry that takes off at the first of the year (i.e. tax and accounting firms), the beginning of the year is often a time when everyone is looking for a fresh start and is a great time to bring up your ideas. 

3. Be Prepared With Ideas

Have you ever approached your boss about an idea to have him or her follow up with the question, “Okay, so what are your ideas?” 
*Deer-in-headlights face
Before you bring up your desire for an office refresh, do a little research into what that could look like. 
What furniture or decor items need to be replaced or refurbished?
What colors and aesthetic items could help you improve your environment for both workers and customers?
Come equipped with a list of items, pictures and inspiration for your boss to help him or her buy into your vision! Most often they’ll want to you to help provide the solution (because they have enough to think about on a given day), while still bringing them along throughout the process.
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4. Most Importantly: Make a Clear Case

Helping your boss understand the problem(s) you and other employees or customers are having with your current work environment is the first step. But it’s just as important to communicate the potential benefits of making these changes in order to help them accept the need for a change. Going in equipped with some statistics, a clear understanding of how a revamp would benefit the company and some fresh ideas will get you on your way to a greener, more vibrant office.

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