Office-Wide, Team Building New Year’s Resolution Ideas

office new years resolutions

From getting healthier through exercise and eating right to budgeting money better, most people find themselves claiming a new year’s resolution as soon as January 1st hits. While personal goals are important to everyone’s health and well-being, why not take advantage of those benefits as an entire company. Setting goals will not only be beneficial to each employee on a number of levels but it can also transform your entire workplace for the better. The new year is the perfect excuse to launch your own office-wide goals and resolutions.

Reach for a Fitness Goal

company fitness resolution

What better tool for team building than setting a fitness goal as a company. This can be done by starting a “Biggest Loser” type of challenge to encourage people to do their best to get healthy in the new year (which will, in turn, help them feel and perform better at work), or this can simply be setting micro-goals of eliminating specific types of food as a company for a certain period of time or setting a goal of working out X amount of times per week individually.

Whatever your goal is, everyone involved will not only see and feel the benefits physically but when people feel good they also can function at their highest level, benefiting the overall company in the long run.

Hint: Taking short breaks throughout the day to simply stretch your legs and move around is a great way to not only help you focus throughout the day but also help you reach your fitness goals.

Treat Common Spaces Kindly

business new years resolution

Let’s face it; not everyone is as neat and tidy as we might like. Often that manifests in the common, shared spaces at work like the break room or kitchen.

This is a great launching point for a company-wide new years resolution! 

You can create a new culture around how you use that common space as a staff, including rules for cleanliness, how items should be properly stored or taken care of, etc. It can be as simple as establishing that everyone washes their own dishes and wipes down the counters behind themselves.

Note: Posting clear signs throughout the space will be key to participation and success.

Or you can even take a vow as a staff to simply keep that area cleaner. Maybe you designate a cleaning calendar where everyone takes responsibility for that area throughout the year.  If everyone has some involvement, they’re much more likely to take care of the space well.


Take on a Charitable Initiative 

company new years resolutions 2019

Giving back is something that’s not only good for the soul, but it can transform the atmosphere and culture of a workplace. An admirable new year’s resolution for your office is to find some way that you can give back collectively.  

Adopt a charity or cause for the year that everyone takes a stake in. This could be through giving money or volunteering time or coming up with something different to donate each month/quarter to support that cause. 


Reduce Your Waste

business new years resolutions 2019

The trend of “going green” isn’t just something that’s meant to help the environment; it’s also something that can have some major reflections in your budget.

Botched or duplicate copies, styrofoam cups and unnecessary color printing are just a few of the items that you can be intentional about reducing or eliminating in your office. 

However, there are hundreds of ways you can reduce your office waste by simply changing your habits. For example, when everyone is leaving the office for the night, make it a point to have each person turn off all unnecessary machines and equipment in their space to conserve energy or simply switch to more energy-efficient light bulbs throughout the office. 

These are just a few company-wide resolution ideas that can help bond your employees together that’ll have visible, positive side effects for your company overall. 

What other company-wide resolutions have you come up with that have helped transform your business in recent years?