Simple Steps to Dramatically Cut Your Company’s Printing Costs

cut printing costs today

Companies can save “10%-30% of their printing costs” if they simply become informed and take action. – Gartner Group
That 10-30% is much easier to pocket than you might realize. If you’re looking to reduce your printing costs and overall office equipment budget, then you’ll want to take these simple actions.

1. Calculate Your Current Printing Costs

As they say, knowledge is power. 
First, you’ll want to know how much your printing set-up is costing you currently so you can identify areas that can be improved upon or a print services company can identify them for you.
You can quickly calculate how much your office equipment set-up is costing you with this cost analysis worksheet. Download it here »
Don’t have the time to do it yourself? Find a local copier and printer vendor to do it for you!

office printer expensive2. Reduce or Eliminate Personal, Office Printers

One of the most cost-guzzling items in your office is your personal printers. When you have to frequently replace each printer with printer cartridges you costs quickly skyrocket. Not to mention that when employees have their own printers, they’re more apt to print items that might not necessarily need printing, further increasing your paper, ink and energy costs. 
The best thing you can do is downsize or consolidate your printing devices. The most cost-effective means to do this is by getting one or more centralized multi-functional printers that all your employees can have access to. These machines do everything you need (print, scan, store, staple, fold, etc.), offer top-of-the-line software and third-party integrations, and operate on lower energy output levels. 

3. Team Up With an MPS Company

Managed Print Services (MPS) is a service offered by print and office equipment companies in which they help you manage all your printing devices (copiers, printers, scanners, fax machines). The utilization of this type of service allows you to increase your efficiency and cut your printing and equipment costs. 

track office printing costs4. Track Your Printing Volumes

Thankfully, technology is on our side here, and you don’t have to do this manually. There are a number of software and applications that do the work for you. Kyocera’s Print Audit and PaperCutMF apps allow you to meticulously track and report on all printing done throughout your network. 
Not only can you identify your monthly printing volumes, but you can also identify who is printing, how much they’re printing, and in what format they’re printing so you can adjust your internal policies to maximize efficiency and lower costs.

5. Limit Printing Access 

Do your employees (perhaps, even customers) have access to all your copiers and printers? Something as simple as putting cost control measures and policies in place can make a tremendous difference in your budget.
Applications such as Kyocera’s FollowMe Printing and AccessLock allow you to set up a wide range of controls, such a requiring authorization codes to print or only allowing certain credentials to utilize features such as color printing on copiers, which helps you to reduce your printing costs overall.

While these are the most easily implemented ways to dramatically cut your office printing costs quickly, it really only scratches the surface. If you’re serious about tightening the reigns, the best thing to do is consult with an office equipment company that will help you identify where your inefficiencies are, what equipment can be changed or upgrades for better ROI, and how to set up your office for maximum productivity and budget management.


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