Top Office Chairs for Comfort & Support

Does your neck and back hurt after you go home from work? Do you feel drained of energy throughout the day? Or have you noticed that you have poor posture while you work?

It’s probably time for a new office chair!

We did some research for you so that you don’t have to spend hours googling what is going to help you solve your problem. Here are four of our top ergonomic chairs designed to provide you support and comfort throughout your entire workday.

HON Purpose Task Chair – The Chameleon Chair

A chair designed to fit anyone and in any space.

hon purpose chair Purpose is a self-adjusting chair that adjusts to each person’s unique body. This chair offers three flex zones, which support a range of postures (sitting, reclining and perching), and provides you with the utmost comfort throughout your entire day.
The seat and back each move independently, which allows for maximum support during changes in weight distribution and movement, and the intuitive control and adjustments make this a great chair for sharing. You can also easily adjust the arm heights to reduce strain on your neck and shoulders. 
The slim design and contemporary look make this a great addition to a new office.


la-z-boy office chairLa-Z-boy 2000 Series Ergonomic Chair – Gel Memory Foam Powerhouse

The chair that will remember your settings for you.

Endorsed by the American Chiropractor Association, the 2000 Series chair has a patented ComfortCore® Plus gel memory foam seat construction designed to provide you with support and comfort for hours on end.
Set up to maintain the ideal curvature of your spine, this chair self-adjusts to support your posture in a variety of positions as you recline, and you can set it to your ideal tilt with the tilt tension adjustment and lockout features.
Find that chairs don’t fit your height well? Quickly adjust the arm height for maximum comfort and support.

Alert K8 Series Ergonomic Chair – Ergonomic Luxury

Support with a luxury look and feel.

The K8 Series chair is designed with the latest and advanced ergonomic technology for long-term joint and body support. 
The waterfall seat edges reduce pressure on the back of your knees promoting better circulation, and the mesh back design offers comfort, firmness and breathability throughout your day.
Effortlessly move the padded arms up, down, front or back for ideal levels to match your height and ideal settings.




serta cossetSerta Cosset Ergonomic Chair – Contoured Support

A perfectly crafted chair with comfort in mind.

Designed with Active Contoured Ergonomic Support (ACES), this chair is created to support your body in any sitting position and for any length of time.
Equipped with the SertaPedic® comfort support cushion system, this chair offers memory foam and pocket coils in all the right places. You can also easily adjust the tilt position and tailor it to any height and sized user.

This chair is also endorsed by the American Chiropractic Association, so you know you’re in good hands.




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