Why You Need a Chair Mat & How to Choose One

When planning your office needs, chair mats probably aren’t the first thing on your mind, but they are actually a lot more important than you might initially think. Keep reading to learn why and to watch a video that shows you how to select the right chair mat for your needs.

Why Chair Mats are an Important Part of Your Office

1. Chair Mats Protect Your Floor From Damagetorn carpet

Rolling casters can snag and tear apart carpet. Casters can also scuff hard flooring surfaces. Chair mats protect all types of flooring, not only from wear and tear, but also from spills.

2. Chair Mats Protect Your Investment

Several carpet manufacturers void their warranties when chair mats aren’t used under chairs with rolling casters.

3. Chair Mats Increase Productivitychair mat

The average office worker moves their chair more than 300 times in an eight hour day. Chair mats increase productivity by improving mobility, and they even prevent unnecessary strain which reduces back stress and fatigue.

How to Choose a Chair Mat


If you have any additional questions or would like guidance with the selection process, our office design experts would be happy to lend a hand. They can even help you create a custom chair mat to fit your individual office layout.

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