Document Management Software

Streamline document processes and improve efficiencies

Document management software streamlines your document storage and makes accessibility more efficient. Visual Edge – Michigan helps you implement and maintain a solution that makes it easy to store, manage and update business documents from a centralized location and meet compliance requirements.

Printing and storing documents takes up space and costs money. Investing in a document management software gives you the ability to access documents from anywhere and anytime, and it helps you eliminate unnecessary printing and improves process flow for document approvals.

Strategic Features Improve Company Processes and Operations  

Centralized Digital Documents

Reduces printed documents storage & easier accessibility

Data Backup & Protection

Reduces data loss & eliminates unsecured document access

Automated Approvals & Complex Workflows

Tracks and speeds up approval process

Version Control

Eliminates duplicate copies and confusion around multiple versions

Document Locator

Simplifies search and makes it easy to quickly find specific documents

Audit Trail History

Improves compliance requirements

Integration with CRM & ERP

Bring Value to Your Business


As your business grows, you will add more digital files to the DMS and it will scale. Additional features and functionality can be added when needed          


Integrating the DMS with other tools and applications will make work flows faster and more efficient and will raise your employees’ productivity.


It’s easy to learn your way through the Document Management Solution, freeing up time to work on other things. 


Being able to access important documents from anywhere at any time, means no more forgetting documents and having access to the latest updates.