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Whether you’re a self-sufficient teacher or an administrator at a university, there are specific equipment and supplies that you need in order to function at your optimum on a daily basis. From document processing and storage to daily-used supplies like pencils, binders and desk furniture, for over 35 years we’ve been helping schools find the right products and equipment to fit both their needs and budgets.

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Desktop Printers

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Multifunctional Copiers

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Classroom Desks & Furniture

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Classroom & Stackable Chairs

Success Stories

Discover how we’ve helped various schools around the Northern Michigan area transform their workflows, reduce their equipment and operating budgets, and increase their work productivity with the right office equipment.

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Resources for Schools

lease or buy school copier

Should We Lease or Buy Our School Copier

Not sure if leasing or buying is the best option for your school? Here’s how to determine that based on your needs and budget.

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5 Must-Have Features for Your Next School Copier

Whether you’re in the market for a new copier or just curious what the latest and greatest available features are, find out what 5 copier features schools are benefiting from today.

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Copier Apps That Will Save You Time & Money

To maintain a high level of productivity and efficiency, it’s important that all your equipment and document systems are able to collaborate and talk to each other. Apps are a great way to connect the dots.

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